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Built for Cannabis; Built for Scale


Our medical cannabis facility, located on 26 acres on the outskirts of Montgomery, is a major investment of both time and finances that is capable of producing medical cannabis immediately upon being granted a license from the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission. Our location, a $6 million, forward-thinking investment, that has been in the works for over a year, is primed for cultivation and production well within the required 60-day timeframe, with additional space available for expansion in this emerging industry.


Five Dispensary
Locations Throughout


Stores will open first in Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Gadsden, and Mobile, with additional locations coming soon to Huntsville, Opelika-Auburn, Dothan, and Birmingham.

What Sets Us Apart?


Alabama Always is one of the only applicants for a license that has already invested millions of dollars to be ready to begin growing cannabis on a large scale immediately. Alabama Always has also purchased the highest quality processing equipment designed for large-scale processing of plants in our new processing building.

– Genetics: The foundation of quality medical cannabis lies in superior genetics. Alabama Always leads the way in cannabis breeding science, partnering with world-renowned experts at Breeders Best to cultivate unique, patent-protected cannabis varieties.

– Unlocking the Potential: Beyond THC and CBD, there is a world of lesser-known cannabinoids and essential oil molecules, such as terpenes, that contribute to the therapeutic value of medical cannabis. Alabama Always’ innovation in cannabis breeding and cultivation focuses on providing the most medicinally valuable products in the state.

– Education: With over 20 years of experience, our team excels in educating patients, physicians, and caregivers on the science behind cannabis as medicine. We’re eager to share our knowledge and passion with Alabama’s community while delivering highly effective medical cannabis products.

– Natural Growth: We believe in the power of sun and soil for growing natural medicine. Our state-of-the-art greenhouse roofing diffuses natural sunlight, producing fragrant and medicinally rich cannabis while reducing environmental impact.

– Precision Control: For days when sunlight is limited, our climate-controlled greenhouses are equipped with full-spectrum LED lighting that mimics natural solar wavelengths, ensuring superior flower production with energy-efficient precision.

– Living Soil: Our commitment to organic living soil, instead of mineral salt feeds, nurtures the healthiest, strongest plants. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants, supporting patient health without the need for toxic pesticides.

– Quality Control: We take quality control seriously, ensuring consistent, predictable, and safe medicine every time. Our rigorous quality control includes environmental management, integrated pest management (IPM), pathogen surveillance, and cutting-edge analytical instruments.

– Solvent-Free Medicine: We use solvent-free, fresh-pressed rosin and oils extracted with medical-grade CO2, ensuring patient safety by avoiding residual solvents commonly found in other cannabis products.

Alabama Always State of Alabama Dispensary Locations


Located in the middle of the Central Business District with easy access to I-65 and I-20, near UAB Medical Complex, St. Vincent’s, and convenient to Jefferson County and surrounding communities.


Convenient retail store on a major highway close to Central Business District, medical facilities, and commercial areas. Easy access to nearby communities in Etowah County.


Located west of the Central Business District close to I-65 and I-10, right in the heart of universities, hospitals, shopping and dining.


Conveniently located just off the Ann Street Exit on I-85, close to the Central Business District, Jackson Hospital, and midtown shopping and dining.


Prime corner location on a major street near the downtown business center and the University of Alabama campus.

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