Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Gerdeman is an acclaimed academic researcher, biology professor, and entrepreneur. His discovery of the “retrograde messenger” activity of cannabinoids has been fundamental to the modern understanding of the neuroprotective and psychoactive effects of cannabinoids. He has served as the Chief Science Officer to cannabis businesses in multiple other states, with experience ranging from integrated pest management to medical cannabis extraction and formulation. Dr. Gerdeman brings meticulous attention to detail and the processes that lead to good science and safe products.

Robert Tornello

Master Grower

Robert Tornello brings decades of experience as a grower and horticultural expert to Alabama Always. Mr. Tornello has built his career on science with a deep understanding of all aspects of cultivation. His methods produced cannabis products that stood up to food grade standards in lab tests for harmful substances and used ISO standards for processing and manufacturing.


A graduate of the University of Florida, Michael Bruce owns two rural hospitals and 15 healthcare clinics across Alabama and serves as President of Ivey Creek Health.

A former two-term Montgomery City Council member, Ben McNeill has an agricultural background that spans decades.  In addition, he has extensive retail experience as the former owner of a chain of convenience stores.

Dr. Boyd has had an outstanding career in education and public service.  His career began as a high school biology teacher.  He retired after serving in administrative positions at the local and state level.

A private practice attorney for 24 years, Shannon Millican is a former interim judge for the City of Gadsden and an experienced investor in commercial and residential real estate.

A member of the Alabama House of Representatives serving nine terms, Richard Lindsey has broad experience in both government and business.  He is the president of the Cherokee and Gin Cotton Company in Center and the owner of the Coosa River Land Company.

Linda Gentry

The wife of Alabama bass player Teddy Gentry, Linda and her husband have operated their cattle business in Plainview for more than three decades, raising high-quality, grass-fed, beef cattle through methods that eliminate the use of additives or fertilizers.

The Dixon family has been in the timber busines in Eufaula since the mid-1920’s.  He has served as managing director of Stifel Nicholaus and Co. since 2015 and has extensive experience in the securities and brokerage business. 



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